There it was right in front of me everyday and I didn’t even notice it. The opportunity to seize you and I  didn’t even try. I thought there would be many more days just like you that I could make my mark on later. Oh the plans I had when I was younger, the dreams I had, the time I knew I would have. You have been filled up with minuscule activities now and I feel as though my days are moving faster and my moments are already spoken for. You are new each day but I like the familiar routine that is already established. Life you are a series of seconds, minutes, and hours and my palm is filled with an electronic device that opens my eyes to all and to none at the same time. 



Blame, now there’s something that is contagious it can spread to-and-fro quickly. Responsibility and taking action seems much more difficult to catch. Easy to point, hard to do, if something needs fixed, whom better to fix it than you? JDR 

My Perspective 

When did we all start choosing to be labeled one thing or the other. Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative. I don’t remember the day I chose my political affiliation at the age of 18, or even why I did choose the particular one I did. I was raised with good values, I was fortunate that I did spend some time living with my grandparents “The Greatest Generation” and I began to see their work ethic and their ethical standards, which have been woven into my values. Do the right thing even when nobody’s looking as an example. Try your best if you don’t win, then work at it and try harder. Nothing in this life is given to you, you have to earn it. There is always someone tougher, smarter, and stronger than you. Look people in the eye when you speak to them. Say “yes sir and ma’am” and “please and thank you”. Respect yourself and take pride in what you have, no matter how much or little you have. Help others, you don’t know what trials that they are going through. Never think you are better than anyone and no one is better than you. I didn’t have a label at birth other than a small postcard sized info tag on my bed that said “boy” along with my name. But somewhere along the line I found groups to connect with. The “cowboys”, “jocks”, or “preppies” and I had to find a label. I joined the service before I graduated high school, I found another label. I graduated high school, I then went to college, found another label, my fraternity. I then graduated and joined the work force, my label was platoon sergeant, then probation officer, then financial advisor, I then went to graduate school, another label. I joined a church shortly after being married, another label. But the one thing that was a constant was that I was an American throughout this entire time. I could have been born in another country but I was lucky enough to be born here. I’m proud to be an American and I will never take for granted the opportunity I’ve been given. I will always stand up for what is right no matter what. 

Down on Main Street

A brief moment in time yesterday I had a glimpse of something I had almost forgotten. While driving to church with my oldest son listening to Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.” I noticed the American Flags lining up and down our Main Street, the beautiful Oklahoma sky, before the rain. I had a glimpse of that fact that life is actually how you choose to see it. My son and I saw the same thing yesterday and it didn’t take the media or someone else’s opinion to tell us what we saw. We had a glimpse of America’s pure beauty shining through. Happy Independence Day to all! God Bless America! 

A realization

It’s Tuesday, a day that doesn’t get much recognition in the ole seven day week. While in deep thought this morning I thought of this. I get one life to live on this Earth, why not make the most of it. I think life is one big test to see how, why, and where we spent our time. One day I will answer for my time both idle and busy. Did I dwell on the negative or focus on the positive. If you look close enough at anybody you will find something negative but you could also look closer and try to find the positive. I could become offended about something at least ten times a day, I choose not to. I read the best selling book of all time daily and it states, “And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.” Matthew 24:10. The author sure knew what he was talking about. Love one another and forgive this seems to work a lot better. Have a good day! 

Good News

Good news does exist although it doesn’t sell as well. Somewhere out there in our great country are kids chasing fire flies, learning to ride a bike for the first time, or sitting around eating homemade ice cream. This isn’t exciting but it’s real and something I would rather hear and see. Compassion, hope, and love are very much alive but we have to look past those feelings of offense and learn to not take life so seriously. I think it’s a blessing and opportunity that we get each day to start new and make that day our masterpiece.